The Perfect Gift?

Il Regalo Perfetto?

Are you looking for the perfect gift?
We thought of a gift for you!

That time of year is approaching, and it's always nice to get carried away by the festive atmosphere,
but we also know that it's not always easy to choose the right gifts.

We are here for you, and this year,
plus some tips for finding the perfect gift,
We thought of a gift for you!

From 27 November 2019
to 6 January 2020

with all orders placed
on our site
for an amount equal to or greater than €49 or €100,
will be added as a gift
the Tulsi key ring with the wind rose
or the Tulsi agenda .

What do I have to do to get the keychain or diary?

The keychain

If your order is equal to or exceeds the amount of €49 (up to €99), the keychain with the wind rose will be included as a gift, in genuine vegetable tanned leather in natural colour.

The wind rose also known as the star of the winds represents our wish so that for the next year your gaze can be turned with confidence towards the future.

The agenda

The diary in perfect Tulsi style , natural colour, made of genuine vegetable tanned leather will be added as a gift if your order is equal to or exceeds the amount of €100 .

An object for nomadic souls, to always have with you, in your hand, in your pocket or in your bag.
A useful, agile and essential tool for capturing ideas, emotions, thoughts and commitments on paper.

Very important:

The Keychain -> Orders equal to or greater than 49€
The Agenda -> Orders equal to or greater than 100€

gift products
they will not be shown
inside the cart at checkout,
but do not worry
if your order is between 49-99€
the keychain will be inserted,

while if your order
is equal to or greater than €100
the agenda will be entered.

The gift will be added
at the time of shipment.

Limited edition,

both the keychain and the diary will be made exclusively
from 28 November 2019 to 6 January 2020.

They will be included as a gift with all higher orders
at a total value of €49 or €100 (in addition to free shipping).

Packaging, Fast Shipping and Holiday Returns

 The Tulsi arrive in their packaging with a bow,
ready to make you look good.

Shipping is fast,
usually between 24-72 hours ,
and the exchanges, if the size is wrong, are simple and free,
in the order you will find the document that explains the procedure.

If your order has been placed
between 20 November 2019 and 6 January 2020
you have until January 16, 2020 to apply
size change.

If you don't find what you are looking for
or have any doubts call us
and we will try to answer your questions:
+39 349 0937874

Looking for the perfect gift?
Here is our selection

A classic
Timeless Nodomoro, always current to wear again and again.

Crystal in Seasonal Colors
Refined jewel in leather, crystal and brass. Advice? Choose the colors of the season: Tanzanite, Copper or Apple.

With Buckle
With the buckle you are on the safe side, the Caffè collection is a proposal suitable for all wrists.

The Last Arrived
Let yourself be fascinated by the latest arrival:
LUCE the jewel with a contemporary spirit.

The Tulsi Gift Card
The choice is up to whoever receives the gift!
You decide the matter and between digital or physical format.

The Perfect Gift?

Author: Francesco Grilli / The Perfect Gift? / Published: Nov-27-2019