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The People


Tulsi is made of two souls: Luca and Valentina.

“We do not think that we can come up with anything new, but we definitely put in a lot of passion in what we do. What we like the most of our work is the process.
Ideas and thoughts travel through our head and heart, and with the intelligence and knowledge of our hands we transform the raw material.
Curiosity is our engine.
We look at the perfection of the little details and continuous changing style is the muse of our creative existence. This makes us happy.”


Luca e Valentina - Bracciali in pelle Tulsi Italy



1. High quality of the materials:
Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather certified by the Tuscan Consortium, lathe worked brass settings, hard stones and crystals are some of the elements that characterize Tulsi;

2. Researched and simple Design:
Unique leather accessories made by a skillful hand that blends tradition and design. Inside our craft workshop, timeless creations of daily luxuries that will follow you along your path take shape;

3. Ancient crafting traditions:
Saddle stitching, manual cutting, edge painting and awl drilling. Processes in line with our philosophy, a guarantee of Italian style.





For our creations, we only and exclusively use leather from the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium, an excellence of the Made in Italy.

Vegetable tanning distinguishes itself from other tanning procedures because it is free from toxic substances such as ago dyes, nickel, pentachlorophenol, chromium VI, which are present in cheaper leathers and are all harmful to humans and the environment.

Each leather gives a unique perfume to our creations.



Craftsmanship and Design


Each piece that we create blends the result of our hands and the creativity of our ideas.

The soul of the work process is focused in the passion that our team of designers and craftsmen put in each Tulsi piece.

The creations are entirely made by hand following ancient techniques of craftsmanship that characterize the Made in Italy style.

Tulsi adds to classic techniques a touch of contemporary soul in order to obtain design products that are always able to tell a story.

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