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Luca e Valentina Tulsi Italy - Bracciali e accessori in pelle fatti a mano in Italia

Luke & Valentina

Tulsi was born from two souls: Luca and Valentina.

"We put great passion into what we do.

What we prefer about our work is the path. Thoughts and ideas pass through us from the mind to the heart , and vice versa, and it is with the intelligence of the hands that we transform the raw material .

Curiosity is the engine. We observe the perfection of small things and continuous stylistic research is the muse of our creative existence.

This makes us happy.”

Luca in laboratorio mentre lavoro - Tulsi bracciali e accessori in pelle fatti a mano in Italia


1. High quality of materials
Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather certified by the Tuscan consortium, components in lathe-worked brass, jewel-like galvanic finishes, semi-precious stones and crystals, are some of the elements that characterize the Tulsi.

2. Sophisticated and simple design
In our workshop small objects of daily luxury take shape, timeless creations capable of living their own life.

3. Artisan tradition
Saddle stitching, manual cutting, brush edging and awl drilling are the processing steps that allow us to create a totally handmade product, guaranteeing continuity and quality.


We only use leather certified by the Tuscan consortium Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale .

The tanneries associated with the consortium carry out, with care and passion, the slow manufacturing process that leads the raw material to become leather, in total respect for the environment .

In the tanneries of the Tuscan consortium, master tanners have been handing down this precious artisan tradition for centuries.

Each leather, thanks to its uniqueness, gives an unmistakable character to our creations.

Tulsi accessori in pelle artigianalità e design Made in Italy

Craftsmanship and Design

Every single model is designed and manufactured with care; each step is fundamental and we dedicate to each one the precise and millesimal attention that only the human hand can give .

We proudly combine the charm of the ancient tanning tradition with the careful study of style , the search for new trends and the constant look at innovation .

These are the combinations that lead us to create dynamic and versatile, elegant and current models that always tell a story.

Each creation wants to be the mirror of its owner , the expression of his personality , becoming much more than a simple accessory.

Who we are

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