When finalizing the order you can choose from the following payment methods, it will be selected after entering the data relating to the shipment:

• Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express)

• PayPal

• Advance bank transfer

• Payment to the express courier with cash on delivery


PayPal allows anyone with an e-mail address to send and receive online payments easily, quickly and securely. Registering for the service and sending money is free and it is possible to make instant payments in complete safety with your credit card or prepaid card (for example Postepay).


Have you already read the tutorial on what PayPal is and how it works on our blog?

If you already have an account, just log in by entering the registration data you previously chose (e-mail address and password) and your purchase will take place in a simple, convenient and secure way.

If, on the other hand, you don't have an account, but you have a credit card or any prepaid card, you can:

1. Choose to register immediately with the PayPal service;

2. Choose to complete your purchase without registering for the service, using the fast payment method.

Also in the second case you will be assured of paying in a secure manner, since PayPal will always take care of the payment process and safeguard your data.


By choosing payment by advance bank transfer, at the conclusion of the order you will be able to view all the bank details necessary for payment.

The reason for the transfer must include:

- Order number;

- Date of placing the order;

- Surname and first name of the order holder (if different from that of the holder of the account from which the transfer originates).

The customer must provide proof of the transfer order by sending a copy to Tulsi by e-mail
at contact@tulsi-italy.com

As soon as we receive the amount paid by bank transfer in our current account, your order will be shipped.

The shipping times, i.e. for the courier to take charge of the product, will start from the date of receipt of the transfer into our account (and not from the date of transmission of the order).


By choosing this payment method, you can pay your order directly to the courier upon delivery.

At the time of delivery it will be necessary to have the exact amount of the order available in cash.

NB The courier cannot give change and does not accept cheques.

REMEMBER THAT: the cash on delivery payment method is based on the trust we place in our customers as the product is handmade exclusively to order.