Tulsi x JustFor1Day

Just For 1 Day - Matt Eliott - Tulsi Bracciali Made in Italy - Concerto 24 novembre 2019 - Cage Club Rimini - Admiral Art Hotel

Just For 1 Day - Matt Eliott - Tulsi Bracelets Made in Italy - Concert November 24th 2019 - Cage Club Rimini - Admiral Art Hotel
Don't make commitments for these dates!

In fact, for the first time we will be partners of "JustFor1Day" , a traveling exhibition of music and the arts in the Rimini area.

A musical research project very similar to the Tulsi spirit, to the sensitivity for art, well done and culture.

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The international, national and local musical projects that will take part in these special days will perform in new locations to be explored in the name of sharing musical and artistic culture, Just For One Day, precisely "just for one day", characterizing the appointment uniquely and exclusively.

The musical days will be accompanied by gastronomic refreshments and at informally convenient times (already from mid-morning/lunchtime or from the afternoon).

The Sunday of the bank holiday can only end in a happy way.
Rimini will offer many events but Sunday 3 November will be tailor-made for lovers of quality music and well-being. From 18 we will meet at the Satellite Music Club with a dinner/refreshment organized by the Osteria Teatro in Piazza and selected music.

Just For 1 Day - TaxiWars

At 20 the live shows! The creative opening will be by AGA Alessandro Gomma Antolini and the visual artist Gianni Giovanni Margotto with the new ep "Dream On". Following the concert by the fiery bohemian Tom Barman, leader of dEUS and his contaminated jazz project TaxiWars created with saxophonist Robin Verheyer. We will discover the latest album “Artificial Horizon” live but we also expect some surprises!

With Tulsi we will be present on Sunday 24 November at the special location of the Admiral Art Hotel (Via Giovanni Pascoli, 145 - Rimini), where you can come and visit us, have a chat with us and touch our creations.

We will honor all those present with a key ring in memory of the event.

On this day it will also be possible to visit the Rosini Gutman exhibition with works of art by Wahrol, Modigliani, Indiana, Schifani and many other great artists. We will also visit the splendid personalized rooms (including William Zanca's “David Bowie” Art Room 212, Emilio Tadini's Art Room 209 and so on), with the surreal technique of “the work within the work”.

From 12 to 14:15 the Brunch will take place at the Cage Club, located on the first floor of the Admiral.
In the Cage Club it will continue at 3 pm with live music by Matt Elliott, the highly sought-after singer-songwriter from Bristol known for some pearls of new authorial music, as well as his electronic project Third Eye Foundation. Elliott will be introduced by Pieralberto Valli, sophisticated and sensitive, with his latest work "Numen".

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