tulsimade e tulsimadewithlove sono i tag per instagram da usare per Tulsi bracciali in pelle - Made in Italy

tulsimade and tulsimadewithlove are the instagram tags to use for Tulsi leather bracelets - Made in Italy

After the first appointment in this section, today we have decided to pay homage to all the lovers who have chosen our products and have published their shots with #tulsimade.

On a magical occasion like Valentine's Day, it was an immense joy to have added a special touch to your gifts.

If you too want to share with us how and when you use our bracelets, you can do so thanks to #tulsimade: use our hashtag on Instagram and your photos can be published on our page and included in the web collection of the best photos for the coming months. Tell us how you wear our leather jewels with #tulsimade , we can't wait!

Following are the photos we have selected for Valentine's Day :

Tulsi blog photo by @se.ph.ora #tulsimade
The young Roman photographer Sefora recommends to her friends the purchase of our genuine vegetable tanned leather bracelets. If you have to give a gift or if you simply like leather products, you must not miss this opportunity!

Tulsi blog photo by @crim95 #tulsimade

Cristina in this photo is looking for someone to have a coffee with her. While waiting for someone to come forward, she tells her friends about the packaging in which her black leather Ginger 10 arrived.

Tulsi blog photo by @marcomeowdevi #tulsimade @marcomeowdevi
Marco reveals a small side of himself to us: he doesn't dominate passions because he has never feared them. Want to see Narcissus be one of those?

Tulsi blog photo by @_kumiko_ #tulsimade

For her better half's birthday, Alessia chose the prefect trio in her outfit: the Pepe 01 ring, the Tè Color bracelet in black and Gorgeous in green leather.

Tulsi blog photo by @pasquale_monda #tulsimade
It's always hard to get out of bed in the morning but with the right motivation anything is possible. Pasquale , for example, always chooses the usual routine: coffee and his Orange Color Jet Tea . After all, who can blame him?

Tulsi blog photo by @tk133 #tulsimade
Love always wins! On the day of love, however, for Giuseppe , the winner is our Vanilla Tea vegetable tanned leather bracelet.

Tulsi blog photo by @andreeabassini #tulsimade
Lasagna or Color Jet Tea ? Andrea, unable to choose, chose both.