#Tulsimade, the New Tool to Meet on Social Networks

#Tulsimade, il Nuovo Strumento per Incontrarci sui Social Network

#Tulsimade, the New Tool to Meet on Social Networks
The Tulsi team is pleased to inform you of the birth of the new hashtag: #tulsimade .

It is always a great joy to see our leather bracelets being part of your everyday life or to give that extra touch to your special evenings.

This is why we decided to create #tulsimade .

This new initiative is a source of pride for us because there is no greater satisfaction than receiving your photos while wearing our leather jewels.
#tulsimade was born with the intention of putting us in closer communication, making us part of your life and your experiences, a new way to stay in touch with you.

If you too want to share how and when you use our products, starting today you can do it thanks to #tulsimade: use our hashtag on Instagram and your photos can be published on our page and included in the web collection of the best photos of the month.

Tell us how you wear our leather jewels with #tulsimade, we can't wait.
Show us what you're capable of!

For the moment these are the photos we have selected for the month of December:


1. Winter arrives late in Agropoli and Alessio has decided to take a walk by the sea. He forgot to put on his jacket but he didn't forget his Caffè Panna

2. Even in a suit and tie, Guglielmo does not give up his Caffè Panna bracelet. On the steps of the Royal Palace of Naples he also remembers the gift box in which he received his bracelet!


3. During a suggestive winter sunset, Federica delights our eyes with her three-loop Geo Serpente.

4. Francesco defines Tulsi bracelets as simple, handcrafted and contemporary. Like his Caffè Sambuca in genuine vegetable tanned leather.

5. Discovery, food and fashion. What do these things have in common for Marco? The answer is on your wrist. A black Tulsi Raspberry Tea.

[Passions] All my passions are present in this photo: discovering cities, food (by the way, I overcame my distrust of food carts and had a churrito filled with dulce de leche that was too good) and style. The bracelet is home Made by @tulsimadewithlove and now it's part of my daily accessories! Hello mom, since I've been in Milan my fashion illness is getting worse, what should I do? . . Nu big kiss. . . #Tulsimade#milano # #igworldclub_street#igerslombardia#TopMilanPhoto #ig_milan #ig_street#vivomilano#turismomilano #ig_lombardia #ig_milano#igersmilano#ig_italy #rsa_streetview #tv_pointofview#italiainunoscatto#tv_living #ig_italia #rsa_vsco#italy_vacations#transfer_visions #loves_milano#livethelittlethings #tv_europe# communityfirst #ilikeitaly #yallerslombardia #inLombardia #milanocity

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6. Alessia never leaves the house without socks, a hat and her Tè Color vegetable leather bracelet.

7. During her travels Chiara never forgets to wear her Caffè Sambuca which makes each of her experiences unique.

8. This is Lorenzo trying to capture the wonders of nature. He swears that after wearing his Caffè Panna bracelet he was able to catch the sun for just one instant.

9. If you don't know what to get your better half for Christmas, do like Francesco and Anna. They chose the best gift! For him, Tè Plus Jet in black leather, while for her, Tè Color in the yellow version.

10. Antonio, in the holiest moment of the day, shows us how he wears his Caffè Panna.