A thought for your Easter 🕊

At Easter, the Colomba keychain as a gift with your order.

"Thoughts create reality, let's make sure that every thought comes from a feeling of peace"

We celebrate Easter with the flight of a dove, a symbol of peace and serenity. As a gift, the Colomba keychain from 7 to 30 April for all orders equal to or greater than €49.

*the keychain will be inserted at the time of packaging, it is not necessary to add it to the cart and it will not be evident in the order confirmation email.

Your gift, with dedication

If you want to include a greeting card in the order, indicate it in the "Order Notes" section with the text to write (there are no additional costs).

Expert hands, precise gestures, full of love and tradition.

For us, craftsmanship starts from the most important point of all: the heart. Every creation, every detail, every gesture from our hands to yours.

Alessandra Aldini


I originally bought two to try them out.
The delivery was punctual and I was so satisfied that I immediately bought another 3.
They are really beautiful, made with care and of excellent quality! Not to mention the availability for any information.
I will definitely buy more.

Joseph Costanzo


Quality of materials, exceptional after-sales service.

Deborah Cirulli


These accessories are GORGEOUS, very well made and the company is very serious!
Professional, fast and the quality, service and price ratio are absolutely in line.
Moreover, they have a UNIQUE creativity

Andrea Cappelli


Beautiful .... I bought 2 of them, you can see that there is so much care and artisan hands behind them. An added value that is not easy to find today.

Claudio Taraborelli


Beautiful bracelets.
Efficiency and speed in delivery.

Sabrina Raffido


valuable handicraft creations. professionalism and ingenuity of the owners who respond personally to the various misunderstandings, interested in customer satisfaction.
timing in problem solving.

it was a pleasure to know this brand and come into contact with a made in Italy refined in simplicity and with the seriousness and joy of the creators.

Anna Salvini


Excellent quality, yield and fit!
A perfect gift for any occasion!
Fast delivery and very helpful staff.

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