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Discover the Tulsi leather bracelets for
Man & Woman
handmade in our craftmans laboratory with premium raw materials 100% Made in Italy



NOI is the symbol of a hug, something that we would like to be repeated forever.
To describe it we have worked on the shape as well as on the colours and the raw materials that this leather bracelet is made of.


NOI Collection
Yellow, Red and Silver Gold

With leather, stones and brass we brought to light- a hug.
Choose among the finishing touches in yellow, silver or red gold.

Stelle Belle Collection

From magical hands Stelle Belle is crafted.
Cut, hemmed and sewed by hand. The star is in galvanic brass.


New Stelle Belle Lux
Yellow, Red and Silver Gold

Lux is a process made with diamond drill bits following the techniques and traditions of the goldsmiths.
Discover the light reflexes of Lux.



Transparent and pure, it is a fine leather jewel that is inspired by the element water.


Tè Cristallo


A storm made of crystals, handmade in every detail.
The bracelet Tè Cristallo blends its leather soul together with round crystals.


Tè Cristallo
Crystal, Golden Shadow, Rose, Black Diamond

In the new versions with double closure with galvanic brass nail in yellow, red and silver gold.


Geo Collection


The collection that is inspired by nature available in seven different colours.


Geo Collection
Black, Brown, Natural, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue

Geo Wolf, Snake, Sea Star, Hedgehog, Elefant, Koi Carp, Beetle, Horse,
and many more, discover them all!



Black, Natural, Brown, Gold, Silver

One of our favourites,
a classic Tulsi leather bracelet.

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