How do you tie a Ginger Tulsi?

Bracciali pelle Tulsi - Allacciare un Ginger al polso - Made in Italy

Here are the steps to fasten your faithful wrist companion: the Ginger leather bracelet!

Tulsi leather bracelets - Fasten a Ginger on your wrist - Made in Italy

Holding it tight with one hand, slide it over your wrist, then pass the buttonhole over the closure, once well positioned, with your thumb and forefinger, squeezing the lower end and pull slightly so that it remains positioned under the metal part.

How to fasten a Ginger - Tulsi leather bracelets

By wearing your Ginger, the skin will acquire softness, and the little hood will gradually position itself entirely under the closure. The photos will help you understand the most correct way to fasten the Ginger bracelet to your wrist.

Ginger Tulsi Green Stone Bracelet

If you find any difficulty, get help from a friend the first time!

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