#Tulsimade March 2018

Bracciali pelle Tulsi - Tulsimade - Tulsimadewithlove - Instagram tag

Tulsi leather bracelets - Tulsimade - Tulsimadewithlove - Instagram tag

After the Valentine's Day appointment, today we offer the best related shots of the month of March.
March has always been the most ambivalent month of the year: it carries with it the aftermath of winter, due to its rains, but it ferries us towards spring, with the first suns and milder temperatures.
All in conjunction with the awakening of nature and animals.

If you too want to share with us how and when you use our bracelets you can do so thanks to #tulsimade and #tulsimadewithlove : using our hashtag on Instagram your photos can be published on our page and included in the web collection of the best photos of each month .

Tell us how you wear our leather jewels with #tulsimade and #tulsimadewithlove , we can't wait!

Following are the photos we have selected for the month of March:

Tulsi Bracelets Valentinaronsisvalle #tulsimadewithlove

Valentina can't wear jewels because of her job, but when she does, she does it with style!

Tulsi Bracelets se.ph.ora #tulsimadewithlove

Maybe it will really be the Geo Gufo bracelet that will make your wishes come true.

Tulsi Bracelets martinachiapparelli_ #tulsimadewithlove

Who knows if the Geo Scarabeo will have brought Sara some luck while being photographed by Martina.

Tulsi Bracelets alessiabertino #tulsimadewithlove

Even in the rain Alessia is happy to wear her three lap Geo Tartaruga.

Tulsi Bracelets alessiapagliuca #tulsimadewithlove

Given her soft spot for turtles, Alessia has decided to always carry one with her! In your pocket? No, on the wrist.

Tulsi Bracelets francesco_s #tulsimadewithlove

Play with Francesco, find the wolf!

Chiara can no longer free herself from her Geo Snake Plus!

Here is Pierluigi and his Ginger