All the Colors of Petra

Tutti i Colori del Petra

Studs in brass and hard stones used for the closure of the Petra di Tulsi bracelet - Made in Italy

Care and attention are the cornerstones of our work, every time we think of a new model we firmly believe that it must be unique, and it is for this reason that details are never left to chance.

In designing the Petra model, for example, we wanted to combine the tradition of vegetable tanned leather with the precise choice of each stone to be set.

Color: Blue
Material: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is one of the oldest stones in human history, already mined in the 5th century BC in Afghanistan, China and Chile.
Its characteristic blue color is due to the presence of lazurite, present together with other minerals such as calcite and pyrite.
The meanings attributed to lapis lazuli concern the stone's power to protect the wearer and to be the physical representation of self-awareness.

Petra Tulsi Lapis Lazuli leather bracelet

Color: White
Material: White Agate

Agate can commonly be found in silica deposits within basaltic rocks.
It has always played the role of protective stone from bad luck or as an ally to achieve one's goals.

Women's worn Petra White Agate Tulsi leather bracelet

Color: Green
Material: Aventurine

Aventurine is a mineral that belongs to the quartz family.
Inside there are chlorites which give the stone a green colour.
Its name comes from the apparently random arrangement (“à l'aventure” in fact) of parts of other stones within it and is mainly extracted in Brazil, China and India.
The most interesting stories about aventurine speak of the stone's ability to bestow higher powers, creativity, and knowledge on its wearer.

Petra Avventurina Tulsi leather bracelet worn by men

Color: Coral (Coral Paste)
Material: Red

Coral is not a mineral but rather an animal, specifically they are small polyps gathered in colonies which, by producing calcium carbonate, form the typical calcareous skeleton.
The constructive capacity of coral makes it a perfect talisman to allow us to rebuild our lives, improve the present and the future. Petra Tulsi coral leather bracelet

Color: Pink
Material: Pink Opal (Pink Opal Paste)

Opal is a mineral whose formation takes place thanks to a slow deposit of silica at low temperatures.
Mainly quarried in Australia, the stone is a symbol of hope and peace .

Women's worn Tulsi Pink Opal Petra leather bracelet

Color: Black
Material: Onyx

Despite common beliefs, black onyx does not bring bad luck and does not attract negative energy towards the person wearing it.
Its black color is due to the chemical structure present within it.
According to a legend this crystal gave rise to everything that exists in the world .
It is no coincidence that in the past it was called the house of the deities.

Petra Tulsi Onyx leather bracelet worn by men

Color: Turquoise
Material: Turquoise (Turquoise Paste)

Turquoise is a mineral present in thin veins within the encasing rocks.
Its porosity causes easy alterations to the original color and for this reason impregnation treatments are often carried out for protective purposes.
Symbol in many cultures, turquoise today is one of the most suitable amulets for spouses and lovers . Petra Turquoise Tulsi leather bracelet