Have You Ever Wondered What's Behind a Tulsi?

Bracciali pelle Tulsi Italy - Made in Italy

We have decided to let you participate in the creation of one of our bracelets in the Tulsi laboratory.

Leather bracelets Tulsi Italy - Made in Italy

The starting point of each jewel lies in the innate characteristics of the vegetable tanned leather, from which the subsequent hand-made processes will make it a unique piece different from the others.

In the following appointments we will show you some of the different processing phases that the products undergo from our artisan hands.

Episode 1: Edging
In the first appointment we will show the technique we use in our laboratory for leather edging.

Episode 2: Polishing
In the second appointment you will see the polishing of the edge.

Episode 3: Stitching
Finally, in the third appointment, we will delve into the concept of saddle stitching.


Then we are waiting for you on our blog for the first episode!

Tulsi Italy leather bracelets - Made in Italy - Handcrafted