Here's what PayPal is and how it works, the practical and fast guide!

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Is it the first time you buy by paying with PayPal?

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So here we are ready to help you with a small tutorial that will try to clarify your ideas on what PayPal is and how it works.
If you have further curiosities or questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Why PayPal?
PayPal is a service that facilitates payments and transactions on the Internet. Thanks to PayPal it is possible to pay or transfer money without having to provide the data or number of your credit cards/bank account. All at no cost to the buyer and without having to deposit any amount into your PayPal account.

Why is PayPal safer, more convenient and simpler?
You can find why directly on the PayPal site by clicking here

How do I pay with PayPal?
Once at the checkout, after entering the shipping data, scrolling down, you can select the payment method.

PayPal Checkout Tulsi

By choosing PayPal and clicking on Complete Order at the bottom right you will be redirected to the PayPal site through which you can:

  • If you are already registered with PayPal: log in and choose which card/bank account to pay with;
  • Or, if you are not registered with PayPal: you can register on and link your cards/bank account to make the payment, by registering you can also link a PostePay card. After clicking on Register at the top right, this screen will open through which, following the instructions, you can create your PayPal account;

Pay with Paypal tutorial

  • Or, if you don't want to register with PayPal but want to make a payment by credit card or prepaid card: without having to be registered, after clicking on the red CONTINUE ON PAYPAL button at the bottom right inside the till, you will see the following screen in which by clicking on Pay with a card you can pay by card without having to be registered with PayPal but simply following the instructions.

Pay with Paypal tutorial Is PayPal safe?
PayPal is a very safe service, in fact it is accepted as an intermediary for payments by all the major online sellers because it guarantees protection both for the buyer, because his payment details are not shared, and for the seller because it acts as a guarantee for the transaction.

Can I pay by credit card through PayPal?
Yes, you can pay by credit card without necessarily having to register with PayPal by choosing Pay with a card. Or by registering with PayPal and choosing the option +Link bank account or card and then +Link a card by following the instructions, it will be possible to add your card.
By adding your card to PayPal you will be able to speed up future credit card payments, without having to re-enter the details of the cards with which you wish to make payments each time.

Can I pay with Postepay via PayPal?

Yes, you can also link Postepay as a prepaid credit card by registering with PayPal, choosing +Link bank account or card and then +Link a card by following the instructions it will be possible to add your Postepay to your cards on PayPal.

Can I pay from my bank account via PayPal?
Yes, you can pay by bank account, for the latter you will need to register with PayPal and choose the option +Link bank account or card and then +Link a bank account and by following the instructions it will be possible to add your card.